Author Topic: Mumbles Music Library Archive - Love In The Air/Backgrounds For A Party (1981)  (Read 211 times)

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2nd release dropped from Dick Hieronymus and the long lost Mumbles Music Library archives. Another tape reel only library issue makes its way to commercial modern digital format.

This 24 cut tape was originally issued in 1981 and contains for the first half a romantic theme (with a Disco-ish groove on some), and the second half mostly Disco underscores, some of which may sound familiar as the full instrumentation mixes of a few appeared on the 1979 NFL 107 library vinyl LP under different titles.

Can stream the whole album on Spotify, Youtube, etc....below is Youtube playlist to listen to it all :

And you can even buy it in lossless at Bandcamp here :
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Cool. Thanks for the tip PL.


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Excellent! Thanks PL
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