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Creature Feature Bumper Music Help
« on: October 17, 2021, 02:04:53 PM »

I'm new here, looking for some help.

"Creature Feature with Dr. Paul Bearer" was broadcast by WTOG Channel 44 in Tampa, Florida, from 1973-1995.  Like other Creature Feature shows, a host performed little skits in between commercials and showing the horrible, old movie.  Going to or coming back from a commercial break, you would here the music featured in this clip here (starting at the 52 second mark):

I assume the song is production music.  From what I have read, it was first used during "Shock Theater" that aired on WGHP in North Carolina in the mid-60s.  I've not been able to confirm this music was created specifically for the show or if it is from a library.  Would anyone here happen to know what this song is?