Author Topic: Lease libraries offered as buyout and vice versa.  (Read 218 times)


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Lease libraries offered as buyout and vice versa.
« on: August 27, 2021, 06:58:57 PM »
When I look at various libraries (and their distributors) old sites I've sometimes noticed that some lease music libraries are offered as buyout (either in a particular territory or after some years), with the vice versa case also happening.

For instance, Nightingale Music was initially offered as a buyout music (according to Nightingale's site the buyout license lasted for 99 (ninety nine years), before transitioning into lease format somewhere in 2000's:

Airforce Broadcast Services' The New Production Library was sold in US in "permanent buy-out" format (as per Program Supplier Guide '91, page 35:, while in some other territories (mainly Europe) it was distributed in lease format (implied by stickers with composer names on editions of Airforce's vinyl distributed in UK by Chappell).

Another example are Power House tracks which are distributed in lease format in Power House albums, while on Mix VI and VII by Sound Ideas they are distributed as buyout (like other tracks on Mix series).

Meanwhile, Gradios distributed Abaco Music (lease) library in Ukraine in both lease (for advertisers and production studios) and buy-out (for TV and radio companies) formats:

Does anyone know more similar examples like the ones I've listed above?