Author Topic: "Dumbo II" behind-the-scenens trailer stock music breakdown  (Read 916 times)


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I've just managed to identify all stock music used in the behind-the-scenens trailer to the cancelled "Dumbo II" movie, which was included on the 2001 DVD release of Disney's "Dumbo" movie (both Region 1 and 2). Here's the list along with timecodes (based on the Region 1 version, as the Region 2 one was PAL sped-up and had an opening caption section cut out):

00:00-00:08: Jeffrey Fayman/Yoav Goren - Magic Cupboard [Immediate Music: IMRCA 01 (IM 016)/IMX 052] (cut out along with opening captions on the Region 2 DVD version)
00:09-00:22/01:01-01:26: Bobbi Miller - Adventure Bound [Immediate Music: IMRCA 01 (IM 016)/IMX 050]
00:23-01:00: Ray Davis - The Spirit of Adventure [Cavendish Music: CAV-CD 040/CAV-CD 075]
01:27-02:32: Jeffrey Fayman/Yoav Goren - The Timmersons' New Gorilla [Immediate Music: IMCOM 01 (IM 011)/IMRCA 01 (IM 016)/IMX 050]
02:33-02:52: Jeffrey Fayman/Yoav Goren - Winny's Wings [Immediate Music: IMRCA 01 (IM 016)/IMX 050]