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NFL highlight cues
« on: November 04, 2019, 08:43:37 AM »
Good day,

I have four NFL highlight cues that I would like to know the name of, and hear with no narration over them.

Number 1:
Does anyone know what music track is playing at 2:24 in this video of Emlen Tunnell’s punt return:

Number 2:
Does anyone know the name of the music track playing at 0:57 in this video:

Numbers 3 and 4:
Does anyone know what the name of the two synthesizer driven music tracks are that are playing at 9:15, and 11:37 in this video:

If anyone has an instrumental of any of these four music tracks, I would greatly appreciate it.

For your information:

Track number 1 is featured in the segment for number 79 in the NFL series of 100 Greatest Players, Track number 2 is featured in the NFL Films Production “The Missing Rings” on the 1969 Minnesota Vikings, and tracks 3 and 4 are both featured in the 1982 NFL Films production The Man in the Funny Hat on Tom Landry.

Thank you!