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Retitled Library Albums
« on: October 02, 2018, 12:49:44 AM »
Resurrecting a topic of mine from a previous incarnation of the board. As a lot of you know, many contemporary library labels have the tendency to rename archival tracks on their releases containing those cues (three examples being Carlin Production Music, Extreme Music, and Soho Archive). I don't know why they do this, but it's just plain stupid to have great pieces of music have their original titles shorn off and replaced with brand spankin' new titles. Worse, this practice makes it tricky to find the original names for some of these compositions, especially if they were likely never released on vinyl. Thankfully, I've found the original titles for many of these compositions, and I'm posting my findings here.

The first album I'll be showing will be the Extreme Music album "High Society" (XEL 004). These tracks Extreme used aren't from a specific label, rather they're taken from the archives of a certain music publisher: Werner Tautz's and Heinz Kiessling's Brilliant Muzik:

Blue Blood- Heinz Kiessling (originally titled "Pizzicata Milanese", on Center 17 055 ST "Magic Violins", re-released by Brull on CBG 611)
Captain's Table- Heinz Kiessling (?)
Clique Chic- Christian Mondstein, Jo Part (?)
Cote D'Azur- Heinz Kiessling (?)
Derby Day- Werner Tautz (originally titled "Epsom Derby", on SABA 15 162 ST "Happy Rallye")
Glitterati Party- Werner Tautz (?)
Grand Central- Werner Tautz (originally titled "Ici Paris", on SABA 15 162 ST, later re-released by Brull on CBG 611)
High Rolling- Heinz Kiessling (originally titled "That's Music", on Elite Special PLPE 30046 "That's Music" [aka "Party mit Schuff"])
Manhattan Express- Heinz Kiessling (?)
Martini Genie- Heinz Kiessling (?)
Nouveux Riches- Joerg Anders (?)
Off Broadway- Werner Tautz (originally titled "Tarte Maison", possibly never released on vinyl)
Premier Parade- Werner Tautz (originally titled "Kicker", on Elite Special PLPE 30046)
Riviera Romantique- Heinz Kiessling (originally titled "Monaco Valse", on SABA 15 162 ST)
Silver Service- Carlos Diernhammer (?)
Tea at Tiffani's- Werner Tautz (aka "Good Choice", on Elite Special PLPE 30 025)
Wonderwaltz- Werner Tautz (?)

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Re: Retitled Library Albums
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2021, 07:56:31 PM »
Here's some information about the rest of the songs I found.

Captain's Table (originally titled "Meeting At Tivoli" possibly never released on vinyl)
Clique Chic (originally titled 'Puzzle-Spiel No. 09" possibly never released on vinyl)
Cote D'Azur (original title: "Quadriga", on Fan 666 240 "Scotch And Soda")
Glitterati Party (originally titled "Free Admission" possibly never released on vinyl)
Martini Genie (originally titled "Gentle Woman", on Colorit 1 C 048-41 037 "Heinz Kiessling's Playland")
Nouveux Riches (originally titled "Valse Parisienne", on Fan 666 224 "Happy Party")
Silver Service (originally titled "Fallin' Stars", on MPS Records MPS 12 010 ST "Sing A Song")
Wonderwaltz (originally titled "Gladiolas" possibly never released on vinyl)