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Every Piece of Library Music used in an ITV Startup
« on: April 25, 2021, 04:19:54 AM »
Here's every piece of library music that I can think of that's used in a startup that's known. This excludes original compositions, but includes substitute tracks.

Associated Rediffusion:
Charles Williams - Five Fanfares No 1 (Chappell)

Eric Coates - Sound and Vision (Chappell)

ABC Television:
Fredric Curzon - Pastoral Prelude (Boosey and Hawkes)
Robert Farnon - Mr. Punch (Chappell)
Redvers Kyle - Busy Batchelor (KPM)

TWW/Teledu Cymru:
Eric Coates - South Wales and the West Television March (Chappell)

Southern Television:
Ivor Slaney - Step Lively (De-Wolfe)

Ulster Television/UTV:
Van Phillips - Shamus (Conroy)
Wayne Hill and Earle Ward - The Antrim Road (De-Wolfe)

Anglia Television:
Nat Nyll - Sea Songs (Boosey and Hawkes)

Border Television:
Felton Rapley - Meditation No.1 (KPM)
Felton Rapley - Meditation No. 2 (KPM)
Andrew Fenner - Folli the Foal (KPM)
Tony Lowry - Screw on the Loose (KPM)
George French - Fresh as a Daisy (KPM)
William Mackane - Spirit of Sport (KPM)
Keith Papworth - Chi-Chi (De-Wolfe)
Vivian Ellis - The Bingola (Boosey and Hawkes)
L. E. DeFrancesco - Wagon Trail/Keltic Prelude March (Chappell(?))

Grampian Television:
Muir Mathieson - Lochlaggan (Boosey and Hawkes)

Channel Television:
Cedric King Palmer - Tomorrow The World (Conroy)
Simon Haseley - World Power (De-Wolfe)

Independent Television Service for the Wales and West:
Syd Dale - At Pepe's Place (Boosey and Hawkes)
Trevor Duncan - Bored with It (Boosey and Hawkes)
Trevor Duncan - Psick Waltz (Boosey and Hawkes)
Trevor Duncan - Psick Shuffle (Boosey and Hawkes)

Thames Television:
Johnny Hawksworth - On the Brighter Side (KPM)
Johnny Hawksworth - Pizzicato Rockalong (KPM)

London Weekend Television:
Don Jackson - A Well Swung Fanfare (KPM)
William Merrick Farran - Motet and Chant (KPM)

ITV Strike Service:
Robert Farnon - Here Comes the Band (Chappell)

That's all I can think of. If there's anything wrong or new, let me know.
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