Author Topic: Night Baseball - A track searched since 5 Years....Please give it a listen!!  (Read 11152 times)

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This is maybe music from Capitol Media music or deWolfe Music...i do not know.

Listen This:

many thanks in advance

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But why no even ONE proposal, but why?

You must know: I am really obsessed to find that song because I like it very very much!

So many thanks in advance for every proposal and try and also for listening!


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Usually, when you get no answers, it's because nobody had any idea or answer.
I did give it a listen but unfortunately I have no idea. Sorry.


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     I listened too. Don't know.

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Thank you very much, but this comment really was unnecessary!

I do not mean it bad, but when I saw you that you answered here, I was full of joy and full of hopes too.
Now I must read this and my whole life become pointless..............

But why?

You must know: I am since 2010 without any job, so I have time to collect music and also listen music. And when I got into library music, I really discovered a new universe!

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The closest library tune that i know to this background music is a tune from [BRUTON MUSIC] BRG 1 - Various - Sports Stadium

Jack Dorsey - Pacemaker

but it is very hard  to say cause the reporter in that sound clip talks continuously, what makes the tune be recognized very difficult. Maybe  thare is another version somewhere to this tune of Jack Dorsey like there is sometimes in library music, cause in gereral by the rhythm and the atmosphere it is seems silimiar. I hope it gives some kind of a direction.   

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Sorry, but it is not the track. I am happy that you tried to help me and I apreciate it. I hope we find this track one day.
But I suspect it could come from dewolfe or even from capitol media music!