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Master Plus
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British label under Lido-Melodies, featuring mostly French composers.

38007 - The Sweet and Horror Visions of Dreams and Nightmares: Oniric & Dramatic Scenes - Arsen Gedik/Christian Bonneau
38008 - Legends: The Romantic & Electronic Sounds of Keyboard Music - Arsen Gedik/Christian Bonneau/Others?
38009 - The Musical World of Metal and Science Fiction - Edouard Scotto
38010 - Action and Life Motions - Yan Tregger (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio)/Jean Marc Willa-Roza (Jean Marc Gauriat)/Francis Personne/Bill Wichita (Gerard Gustin)/Jean Luc Fauvel/Eric Mallet/Philippe Letessier/Frederic Damon
38011 - The Music, Sound and Noises of Dramatic Atmospheres: Horror, Dramas, Thrillers ... - Jean Marc Willa-Roza (Jean Marc Gauriat)/Frederic Damon/Eric Mallet/Stephane Joly/M. Eilowien/Yan Tregger (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio)/City News (????)/Eric Mallet/Francis Personne/Paul Bonneau/Betty Willemetz (Alberte Gouillon)
38012 - Retro-Style: Period Music from the "Can-Can" to the 50's - Ted Scotto (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio)/Jacqueline Robin (Jacqueline Pangnier)/Gerard Gustin/Jean Luc Fauvel/Derry Hall/Paul Bonneau/Michel Plumauzille/Christian Bonneau/Francis Personne/Serge Alun/Jean Pierre Dorsay (Jean-Pierre Labille)/C. Assous/Arsen Gedik/Christopher Ried (Christian Bonneau)
38013 - Ozone - Phil Moon (????)
38014 - Strange Scenes, Journeys and Countries: Sound Documents of Cornwall, Britany, Spain, Africa and Orient - Dominique Andre
38015 - Rhythm and Gimmicks - Yan Tregger (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio)/Daniel Scotto
38016 - Landscape Pictures in Rock - Asia Minor, music by Setrak Bakirel/Eril Tekeli
38017 - A Modern Sound Evocation of the Old Testament: Nature & Fiction - Daniel Wescott (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio)
38018 - Enigmas in Modern Classics: Mystery, Anxiety, Suspense ... - Derry Hall
38019 - Scenes from Ethnic Life: Real Document with Original Players - Dominique Andre/Jean Marc Willa-Roza (Jean Marc Gauriat)/Joplin arr. Jean Marc Willa-Roza (Jean Marc Gauriat)/David Klapok (Francis Personne)/trad. transcr. Image Music Ltd./Christopher Ried (Christian Bonneau)/Alain Windus (Paul Bonneau)/Charles Leresche/Ted Scotto (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio)/Christopher Lenke (Christian Bonneau)/trad. arr. Orlandus Wilson
38020 - Classical Orchestra - Paris Opera Orchestra conducted by Pierre Devevey, music by Maurice Lissac
38021 - Classical Piano: The Classical and Modern Style of Piano Music - Jacqueline Robin (Jacqueline Pangnier)
38022 - Hollywood Moments - Paul Bonneau (UNCONFIRMED)

???? - Classical Steel-Guitar from the 16th-20th Century - ????