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Thank you so much, a_pylon, for the upgrade of a beautiful album.
Labels / Re: AA/Pravo Music Records/Esquire Records
« Last post by Rocco on August 15, 2018, 05:37:16 PM »
1002 - Ricordando il sud - Franco Bonfanti, Mario Molino, music by Franco Bonfanti/Tartuga (Mario Molino) (1976)

A.A. 1012 - Sensazioni per flauto e arpa - Sergio Parisini/Giancarlo Barigozzi, music by Franco Bonfanti (1977)

A.A. 1015 - Musica nel mondo - Sergio Farina/Gianni Zilioli, music by Sergio Farina/Gianni Zilioli/Ninel (Sergio Farina) (1978)

The 1002 and A.A.1012 records come of the ICBSA catalogue (unfortunately I found no cover for the A.A. 1012), the A.A. 1015 is already on discogs with its cover and labels.
I can see also the A.A. 1008 (Pagine musicali - Gianni Fallabrino) on discogs but I can't confirm this record, as the front cover doesn't show anything useful for finding out the label and the catalogue number.
In addiction I can confirm the subtitle of A.A. 1025 which is "Mandolino" (info from ICBSA).

Here is the cover of 1002

Here are tracks and credits of A.A. 1012:

Artigiani fiorentini / Sergio Parisini
Sogno infantile / Sergio Parisini
Fiaba ungherese / Sergio Parisini
Amore contrastato / Giancarlo Barigozzi
Ricerca subacquea / Giancarlo Barigozzi
Serenita' / Giancarlo Barigozzi
Solitudine / Giancarlo Barigozzi
Vita semplice / Giancarlo Barigozzi
Richiamo della natura / Giancarlo Barigozzi
Stress / Giancarlo Barigozzi
[Composer] Bonfanti, Franco
[Publisher] Abramo Allione Edizioni Musicali
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Unidisc UD 30 1227 - Rythmix
« Last post by house303 on August 15, 2018, 05:04:53 PM »
...and now for Vol. 2. Wonderful [(Sub)]...Thanks!
Been listening to sound orchestral 2 a lot. Cool album. Thanks for the share
Requests / Cometa Edizioni Musicali ‎ CMT 4 Freedom power
« Last post by puppydog on August 15, 2018, 04:35:23 PM »
I've been jamming a 128 rip of Freedom Power for the last couple of years-sure would love an upgrade of this classic
       thanks in advance :)
Requests / Alessandro Alessandroni Inchiesta
« Last post by puppydog on August 15, 2018, 04:30:18 PM »
Hi there
            my rip of Inchiesta by Alessandro is 192 and skips quite a bit . Sure would love to have a better rip of this gem
                                             thanks :)
Hey, it's me on the cover  :P 

Nice compilation indeed!
Thank you a_pylon for this much needed upgrade!
This album is a great companion to "Sergio Ferraresi with His Disco String Show".
Excellent share and a fun listen...thank you Roope!
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