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Thank you very much :D

In case anyone wants this in separate tracks, I broke this down to individual tracks:

CMT 51 - Rino de Filippi - Arte Marziale (1973)(FLAC)

I didn't delete any silence, so the continuity isn't broken.
Disco Dance
Music by Ciro Perrino, Tiziano Tavasanis
Penta Flowers - Serie Gemini Music Library - CDPEL 0134 - Italy - 199?

Gemini Music Library:

some track will surprise you , enjoy
Yeah, library music is frequently used as video game trailer music, particularly if it's "epic" sounding. Though coincidentally, Shaindlin's "Let's Go Sunning" was used in a Destroy All Humans trailer which had a similar retro aesthetic. Fallout seems to be an exception where the library track is played in full instead of being relegated to a snippet in the background. I can only think of 2009's The Saboteur which uses library tracks played in full on the radio, which drew from the Warner/Chappell library if memory serves.

Though "And All the While I'm Loving You"/Consortium of Cool/Frank's Place seems to make the circuit being heard in 2007's Bioshock in the background of the audio diary "New Year's Eve Alone" and in 2011's LA Noire in the background of an Alaco Gas radio commericial, all of which have a similar retro aesthetic.

The Nyberg tracks also reappear in the Fallout Shelter app and briefly in Fallout 76 in the vault.

Not finding a date for the Sound Ideas album, though can it beat 2003 for the Westar album? The cues are identical to the versions in Fallout 3 albeit without the "static-y vintage radio" effect. Sometimes the exact version is hidden under an alternate arrangement.

Honestly, it's thanks to this site and the previous incarnations that have helped me track down some of the original library records for the Fallout library tracks though even the CDs themselves are hard to find.

Alas, Fallout uses tracks by Harry Bluestone and Gerhard Trede that I haven't been able to pin down outside of the CDs.
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Fonit Cetra 7012
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The Non-Library / Augusto Martelli - Grand Prix (1972)
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Grand Prix
Music by Augusto Martelli
Original release Philips - 6323 018 A - 1972 - Italy
Reissue Fontana - 6492 006 - 1973 - Italy       
LP Vinyl - FLAC

 >:( There's a negative note: first track is affected by an annoying noise for one minute. I tried to remove it but I wasn't been able. There's a trasparent, indeledible stain on the record. If someone can do something is welcome.
The rest of the record is very good 8].As usual great sound by Martelli, I love it. enjoy
I'm listening it inspired by the cover and's absolutely awesome

thank you Greta!
thank you very much KILLA!

Those Music Scene emerald green front covers are so pretty! I never get tired of seeing them :)

As for the music, I take it on faith it the tracks will be simultaneously lovely and mind-blowing.

Thanks again, Detective!

Same for me...I don't know this serie and I'm interested to discover it.

Thank you!
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Fonit Cetra 7012
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thank you SUB
thank you veru much Roope!
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