Author Topic: iZotope audio clean-up software 75% off- Last day today?/"RX Elements"  (Read 1912 times)


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I could do with some pointers on removing general surface noise - although it’s not the end of the world in all honesty.  I can get rid of clicks and hun not really an issue but as tracks fade out I sometimes get a bit of surface noise.

surface noises cannot be removed completely, but at extreme values it will definitely lead to the loss of echo, delays in the sound, sounds will become more muted. I usually check the amount of removable surface noise, listening only to the noise, exactly what is removed by the algorithm. First I remove the Noise impression, then I clean it. The main rule is better to do it twice at low de-noise values than once at 2x values. In some cases this gives acceptable results. Sometimes you have noise in the low-frequency range, so you find the lowest frequency and use EQ to remove low-frequency noise. It is easier to show by example.

I don't really like cleaning noises and only clean the recordings that I like to do it, I usually leave the recording as it is, with all the clicks. So it was with the Giampiero Boneschi rip, and I keep two versions - the original and the one I cleaned of clicks myself + some EQing.

Hi Greta
I put this track through de-click which took about 10 seconds to process- these are my normal settings.
I'm interested to hear if people think anything's lost in the processing

Here is my version of The Zimbelius Group 07-Swing Trombone - 1 min

Here is the Process

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Bloody hell Neowave, that's extremely time consuming! Almost ten minutes to repair a minute of audio, I can't imagine how long it could take to repair an entire album
Definitely not for me...
Great job btw.
Thanks for posting this.


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Ok- I swear I have no relationship with iZotope other than buying their RX Elements product last month (see the start of this thread). I was looking for a dedicated tool to eliminate clicks & hum. The $29 has been totally worth it, and the price went back to $129 afterward.

Now I'm on their mailing list & today I got an email about another sale. $49 for their "iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle," which includes the same RX Elements that I bought, plus a bunch of other software that looks more focused on general music production, but I suppose could be useful for additional kinds of audio restoration.

If they keep on having sales like this, maybe they're not be as big a deal as I thought, but I know that I was glad to get that price, and the software has saved a couple library albums that were otherwise too messed up to be enjoyable for me.

"11 Plug-Ins for $49"
"Get 11 powerhouse plug-ins and thousands of sounds and presets designed to inspire creativity and get your mixes and masters sounding their best yet. Over $1600 in value for $49. Includes: Ozone Elements, RX Elements, Nectar Elements, Neutron Elements, Stutter Edit 2, Trash 2, BreakTweaker Expanded, Iris 2, Phoenix Verb, R2, and Excalibur."
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