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Mumbles Music Library was a tape reel only American production music company owned and operated by Richard Hieronymus (aka Dick Hieronymus) from 1978 - 1989.

The library began under the name Bosch Music in '78 and then changed its name in 1982 to Mumbles Music till its demise in 1989. Most releases were all Hieronymus music, but the library also had a few other composers in the catalog such as Jean Poll Daine and Alan name a few.

"The Detective : A Score Without A Film" by Dick Hieronymus was originally issued on 15 ips and 7.5 ips reel in 1984.

It's the first in a new digital release series of reissues of the original library reel releases from the day. Available for both streaming on Spotify, Youtube, etc and lossless download purchase on Bandcamp.

The tune i'm posting here is my personal fave from it called "I Love You, You Love Me"...reminds me of a lot of early 80's Herb Alpert.


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Very cool. Thanks for the tip, PL!
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