Author Topic: [Tyrolis] Calhoun's Big Band (1978) (H. Ehrlinger, G. Delagaye, Denny Motion..)  (Read 567 times)


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To my best of knowledge Tyrolis from Austria isn't a library music label, however the contributors to this nice funky album should be familiar: Hans Ehrlinger & George Delagaye (both on trombones), Harald Winkler/Denny Motion on guitar and Milan Pilar on bass (among others). Originally released in 1978 on Columbia Records (Austria) as "Master McCalhoun's Big Band" (Discogs:, this is the CD reissue on Tyrolis with a different cover.

Tyrolis - C 350539 - Calhoun's Big Band



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Niceeee really digging this Alohadude

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Appreciated~~  :-*

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Many thanks