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Re: tech help needed
« Reply #15 on: May 17, 2021, 09:33:59 PM »
Normalizing won't harm the music in any way as long as it's set below 0.

I've noticed that some rips have a narrow-looking waveform — i.e. the high & low amplitudes occupy only a small piece of the vertical height — throughout the entire track. No peaks visible anywhere even near the boundaries.

I assume that the level was set lower than optimum when a track like this was digitized. It has made me wonder whether it would be useful to normalize those tracks. I understand the issue with not just normalizing everything, to avoid the tracks having the same overall level throughout an album — if that wasn't the original musical intent.

But in many cases, the track levels are are pretty consistent anyway. I have to assume that the effective dynamic range is reduced when a rip was created with one of these skinny waveforms.

Clearly, you're not creating new audio information just by scaling up the amplitude in the normalization process. And it looks to me like player software (e.g. iTunes) can be smart about gain variation, and apparently tries to intelligently compensate to some degree. iTunes file info provides a line entry for volume. Example: "Volume: +2.0 dB"

So- is it a good idea to normalize these skinny waveform tracks? Asking for a friend…