Author Topic: A Selection Of Vintage Children's Television Series Soudtracks  (Read 427 times)


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A Selection Of Vintage Children's Television Series Soudtracks
« on: October 13, 2021, 04:08:18 PM »

I made this compilation of 70's / 80's children's television soundtracks. It's not all of the same qualtity. Most german tracks are good as these are from remastered CDs I own personally. The few french ones are quite bad. They are just FLAC because I didn't want to recompress them again after editing.

If you don't know these soundtracks I'd recommend to have a listen. IMHO there is some great music in this compilation. There are fabulous tracks from the german music composer Christian Bruhn. On many of these tracks Kristian Schultze plays a MiniMoog flute patch to die for. But there are also some great french tracks like the Goldorak main theme interpreted by Noam - an israelian. It's said that he couldn't speak a word in french. He learned the lyrics phonetically. If you know how french is supposed to sound like you'd be dazzled. He has absolutely no accent. The music of "Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewat├╝├╝t" is a little off compared to the other tunes. I is a bit Jazz/Rock like as on the other hand you could put most other tracks into the Disco genre.

I hope this is of some interest for some of you. If someone has better quality tracks of the french ones a share would be welcome  ;). The english "Transformer" tracks coud be a lot better too. The german tracks are probably as good as they get. The Moog flute of "Timm's Theme" is a bit distorted. This is taken from the remastered CD from Diggler records - probably taken from the old master tapes. Well, at that time it must have been difficult to record the powerful MiniMoog without distortion and they couldn't spend months recording this soundtrack. After all it was just a childrens series. Btw. in the 70's and 80's the german television always made a children's serie for christmas. The serie was aired from September to December. One of the most sucessful of them was "Timm Thaler" and "Silas". IMHO the great soundtracks from Christian Bruhn were a big part of the success.



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Re: A Selection Of Vintage Children's Television Series Soudtracks
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