Author Topic: Ennio Morricone - Sans Mobile Apparent (CDr-Champaign-2005) 1971 (FLAC)  (Read 974 times)


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  • music begins where words leave off...

I give you here my little contribution & tribute to the memory of Ennio Morricone, great, the greatest composer by the eternal. The only one we also know under the name of "Il Maestro".
I must have been 11 or 12 years old when i saw the movie "The Clan of the Sicilians". The music had marked me, so strange and very deep beauty ...
That's how i was introduced into the darkest musics of Ennio Morricone apart from his musics for westerns.

Years later, i discovered the movie "Sans Mobile Apparent" (Without Apparent Motive / Senza Movente) with its fantastic score which reminds me reminiscent of the "Clan of the Sicilians".
In 2005, not having the original CDs of 1993 or 1999, I decided to record my own score with some dialogues & background noises from the VHS K7 that I had!
Then i posted it on my blog at the time ...

So for sure, the sound is not of the best quality here, but i think, it is the intention that counts and the pleasure of having created a different tracklisting from the official editions.
Fair enough to hear, in my opinion, in the background or in the car ...

I was also very surprised to see my self-recording listed on Discogs!
Small additional anectode following the excellent post from a8detective "Opposte Esperienze".
The titles 8 "Ricerca Notturna" and 10 "Caccia Notturna" are also titles from the "Sans Mobile Apparent" soundtrack.

So, enjoy now Ennio...

Thanks Ennio for all your fantastic & beautiful music.
Be seeing you !
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Great, thanks n6.  :)


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Excellent! La preuve que ta compilation est bonne, pour qu'elle se retrouve sur discogs :)
Merci et RIP Ennio