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Thank you for another CD from this mysterious library.
Thank you very much for this CD
So, you finally got hold of that sought-after record and ripped it, but there is some crackle and perhaps a bit of noise. What to do?

The answer is: preferrably nothing.

Algorithms for alleged sound improvement are a pet annoyance of mine. Allow me a little rant.

De-noising and de-clicking are very dangerous to the music. Actually "cleaning up" a vinyl rip in such a way that it does no harm to the music is extremely laborious and requires (1) a very good sound reproduction system, (2) a professional software, (3) knowledge and experience, (4) a good ear, and (5) a lot of time, meaning: ten to a hundred times the running time, and easily more than that.

To produce a good rip in the first place you need, of course, an excellent record player. Today, mid-range record players that have an acceptable sound do not exist anymore on the market. What you can buy new is either abysmally bad ("USB players", for example) or high end and expensive.

And you need a good exemplar of the record. Trying to get a record that has been graded "very good" (meaning: quite bad) on the marketplace to sound flawless as a digital rip must be discouraged.

It is simply impossible to get good results by setting a slider in the menu of some de-clicking program and pressing "start". But that is what most people do. Also here in this forum. All too often the result is lifeless, sterile audio. That is deplorable.

There is a competitive aspect in play that contributes to the general ignorance regarding sound. Collecting library records (and the rips of them) tends to become a lot like stamp collecting. It sometimes appears to be more important to people to be able to present a "nice" rip from a battered record that they found for cheap, and which fills that annoying gap between catalogue numbers X and Y, than they care about the actual music contained in the record. Or in the rip.

I have searched for "declicking" here, and have found only this thread: The discussion is interesting, and there is a very good example for the deterioration in sound that I mean:

Such deteriorations can be rather subtle and not easy to perceive -- which is why one needs a very good reproduction system, excellent ears and experience to perform any sound manipulation.

My proposal is to have a discussion about de-clicking and de-noising, how and to what degree to do it -- if one must at all --, bad programs and better programs, parameter adjustments, what to listen for, and so on. Eventually the result should be a guide for rippers. It would be highly desirable to have actual sound engineers who work in a recording or mastering studio contribute.

The guide should be pinned instead of being buried in the discussion on an advertisement of a software program.

What do you think?
 Thanks a lot Andrew and Greta.
Nice upgrades.
Fantastique!!   ;D
Track IDs / Re: Library music search
« Last post by MatthewTheLogoGuy on Today at 04:50:17 AM »
Does anyone know the music in the beginning? It was also used on a Treehouse TV promo for Bob the Builder.

Hello everyone, how about a virtual trip through Italy? A scenic drive along the Via Emilia and the Highway of the Sun, then turning to some coastal roads.

"Viaggiando per l'Italia" is a pleasant album by Mario De Martini, dedicated to some of the most important roads in Italy.
There are some nice tracks like "Autosole Uno", "Flacca" and "Flaminia". A different version of the track "Autosole Due" is included in "At Night Fall" by Thorny Group ("Electronic Drive").

[Paola Record] PRTV 101 - Mario De Martini Group - Viaggiando per l'Italia (1982) - music by Mario De Martini and Roberto Simonte

Hey Rocco,
I haven't had the chance to listen this.
Can you kindly update the link?
if it's possible :)
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: [Sonorop] - FLAC
« Last post by likedeeler on October 24, 2021, 10:44:20 PM »
Merci Roope. Cela me fait plaisir d'écouter mon père, le flûtiste Roger Bourdin, sur huit des treize morceaux.

Bonjour M Bourdin, what a nice coincidence! I look forward to listening to the work of your father.

A big thank-you to roope also from me for these rips! Don't be pissed off if someone questions the veracity of files, because one needs to be careful what to accept as genuine, lossless rips. There are quite a few lossy transcodes around. They are even getting published on commercial CDs and LPs.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a workshop where people discuss and learn how fake rips can be spotted, and also how they cannot be spotted. Furthermore, it would be good if people became more aware of the dangers of noise reduction. It is quite easy to ruin the music with these tools.
Thank you! Afro Rock is a spectacular album.
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Soundstage Music SSCD-7 Rock (1995) (WAV)
« Last post by Craig-UK on October 24, 2021, 08:55:57 PM »
Thank you, never heard of this library so will be interesting to hear their style
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