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Title: Trunk Records compilation: Bruton Brutoff
Post by: friendsound on August 28, 2020, 01:28:30 PM

From today's Trunk Records newsletter:

So, a new Trunk LP has arrived. Called Bruton Brutoff, it's the ambient, electronic and pastoral side of the Bruton library catalogue. Even if I say so myself this is a killer - even "Super Wow" - compilation, with the kind of music you'd hear on Take Hart as he draws an autumn tree. Like 80s tinkling New Age but better. Cameron, Hawkshaw, Bennett, Monkman and even vibraphone man Frank Ricotti gets in on the muscial action here. To give you examples of what's in store, there's the track One Language from the East Meets West Bruton LP everyone seems to want. Also Stargazing, and the TOTAL CLASSIC Vibes. Loads more too.

I have a license to make just 500 copies. Might not be able to get more made (and if I do will change the artwork some how so the pressing is different). So, this first pressing is only available via Trunk at the moment, with one hundred reserved and heading out into the wild via shops etc. So not that many to go around.

Link: hxxps://